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During the last decade agent systems have been constantly developed and many approaches were successful in such areas as transport, decision support, distributed monitoring and control systems, computation. Such immanent features of the agents like autonomy or task-orientation assured the result. These (and others) features of the agent systems may be further extended to produce new paradigms for constructing scalable computing systems with focus on grid computing, cloud computing, resilient control and monitoring systems, SCADA and many more.

It is also worth noticing, that hardware available  several years ago, such as computing clusters, are nowadays outperformed by simple desktop sets or even portable computers. Even environment appliances such as gaming consoles or GPUs may be used to perform complex computations in parallel, much faster than even multi-core CPUs. Such a plethora of possibilities calls for promotion and dissemination of results and ideas connected  or inspired by agent-based systems or their features.

For  the “Agent Day” Session we would like to give guidance in the subject, as the following topics, that do not exhaust all the possibilities:

  • multi-agent management, scheduling, load-balancing,
  • multi-agent computation and simulation,
  • stochastic and structural modeling of complex systems,
  • distributed and grid computing,
  • software reuse in complex systems,
  • GPU and gaming consoles for computing,
  • nature-inspired, evolutionary and memetic computing,
  • scalability, extendability, resilience in complex systems,
  • mobile robotics,
  • data-intensive computing,
  • various application of multi-agent systems.

Agent Day is a cycle of workshops that was organized for the first time in 1999 year by the joint effort of the researchers from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Since then Agent Day has been organized in the form of joint events (e.g. tracks, special sessions) as well as independent workshop. We would like to continue this tradition providing means for discussion and dissemination of research results.

Agent Day has received an accreditation of Polish Artificial Intelligence Society.


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